Heatime® HR Stanchion Barn

The SCR Heatime system, already used on hundreds of thousands of cows around the world, has been updated with new hardware for optimized results in stanchion and tie stall barns.

Combine the best of tradition and technology

  • Take advantage of the most advanced solution for heat detection and health monitoring without needing to recongure you current stanchion or tie-stall barn.

Improve reproductive performance

  • Access the same repro improvement technology already proven on farms across the globe.
    The SCR Heatime HR LD dedicated solution for stanchion barns enables you to maximize production for each of your cows, while signicantly reducing time and labor, leading to direct costs savings.

Get even closer to your cows

  • Gain control over your herd while reducing everyday worries. By augmenting your own close observations with real-time SCR insight on your cow’s health and estrus status, you can act quickly to inseminate, treat, and adjust nutrition. The Heatime HR solution is also a great tools to use on your breeding age heifers.

Feature SCR Heatime HR System
Max No. of tags Up to 600 without Sorting Gate
Up to 400 with Sorting Gate
The maximum number of supported tags depends on the farm layout
and is based on an SCR site surve
Tag compatibility SCR H-LD, SCR HR-LD,SCR HR-LDn
Data history 1 year
Group Management Herd can be divided into up to 10 groups
Sorting gate Up to 4 sorting gates of 2 or 3 ways
Third-party interface Through HealthyCow24
Long distance coverage Typical range of SCR Radio Frequency Base Unit: 200-500 m (656-1,642 ft) based on farm audit