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SCR’s New Applications


SCR is introducing several new powerful applications for its Cow,Milking and Herd Intelligence solutions

The new capabilities provide you with additional timely and actionable insight into your cows’ reproductive and health status. With the ability to make better-informed decisions about more aspects of your herd and farm management, you can further improve productivity, reduce costs, and gain more control, for more sustainable dairy farming.

Available with existing and new SCR DataFlow II, Heatime Pro, and Heatime HR-LD systems, and integrated with the SCR HealthyCow24 solution, the new applications enable you to get even more value from your SCR system.

Real-time Group Routine

Stay updated, in real time, with the status of your groups and your herd as a whole.

Group Consistency

Get timely insight into how feeding area changes are affecting your cows.

ProCalve™ Applications

The ProCalve suite of applications includes two alerts that help you safeguard the health of your cows in the critical and sensitive time around calving:

  • Pre-Calving Distress Alert
  • Post-Calving Distress Alert

Pregnancy Probability

Assess the likelihood that a cow is pregnant and avoid unneeded or too-early expensive pregnancy checks. 

Heat Index on Heatime HR

The Heat Index is an enhanced heat detection tool that is based on activity, rumination curve, heat length and time from the previous cycle.