SenseTime Cow Calf

SenseTime is a sophisticated, yet easy to use, modular cow calf monitoring solution that delivers actionable information on the reproductive, health, and wellbeing status of individual cows and groups.

Unmatched heat detection accuracy, with precise insemination timing guidance

  • A new solution from the world leaders in livestock monitoring and identification
  • Unmatched heat detection accuracy, with precise insemination timing guidance
  • Proven SCR neck tag technology
  • Accurate calving time estimation following natural breeding with bulls

Advance your reproduction strategies and gain a fast return on investment

  • Whether using bulls or AI strategies, shorten your calving interval
  • Increased value of calves, with a tighter calving season
  • Accurate prediction of calving date
  • Enhanced reproduction management

Optimize health treatments and interventions

  • Early-stage detection of anestrous cows
  • Early detection of health issues, enabling pre-emptive action
  • Fast insight into the effectiveness of veterinary treatment
  • Efficient, effective health monitoring around calving time

Get a flexible solution that adjusts to your changing needs

  • Flexible application plan levels
  • Multiple user device options
  • Pay upfront or monthly for your application plan

Enjoy built-in simplicity and versatility from day one

  • Suits most farm settings
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • Grows with your farm
  • Easy and efficient use

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