Young Stock Application

Maximize the potential value of Young Stock while reducing risks and costs.

Allflex Young Stock Application is a dedicated health monitoring application for newborn calves up to six months old. Small, lightweight eSense Flex ear tags monitor animal behavior from the moment the tag is attached, providing the first Health Report up to 24 hours after the tag is attached and assigned to a newborn. From then, the Health Report is available on demand, providing real-time insight into the health status and trends of each individual calf.

Detect health issues early on, before clinical signs

Starting from 24 hours after tag attachment and assignment to a newborn calf, you can detect emerging health issues at a very early stage, even before the appearance of clinical signs.

Preserve the growth curve

Each day of severe illness during the first few months typically sets the calf growth curve back by seven days. With early detection and intervention, you can reduce sick days, enabling faster and steadier growth.

Improve treatment decision making

Get fast feedback on each calf’s response to treatment, for effective, informed decision-making on continuing or changing treatment. You can avoid disrupting the calf’s routine with unnecessary treatment, reduce drug costs, and monitor recovery.

Streamline your management and operations

Reduce your and your team’s involvement in ongoing evaluation of calves’ health and wellbeing, and instead focus on individual calves requiring immediate attention.

Monitor the impact of transitions between feeding methods or food types and the transition between housing (from hutches to loose housing), and evaluate the effect on an individual calf or on groups of calves.

Save time and labor with automated health monitoring and detection instead of visual observation and evaluation.

Reduce dependency on skilled labor.

Improve nursery management with an automated log of health events.

Improve the quality of your dairy herd and reduce costs

Avoid keeping heifers that will likely be low-producing cows. Multiple health issues in a heifer’s early development typically indicate she will become a low-producing cow. The monitoring history and detection records can provide valuable predictive insight into the potential productivity of each individual heifer, enabling proactive, early-stage culling decisions that can save months of costs, and eventually improve the quality of your herd.


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