HeEmek Dairy Ltd.


HaEmek Dairy Ltd, the largest dairy farm in Israel, is the product of the merging of three dairy farms: from Kibbutz Yifat (where the common dairy farm is located), Kibbutz Merhavia and Kibbutz Megiddo. The Dairy farm was originally established in 1954 and grew significantly in the previous decade following two mergers that took place in 2000 and 2006.

Today the Dairy Farm numbers approximately 2,400 heads, and produces milk according to the annual quota of 13 million liters. The Dairy Farm is operated and managed by a team of 20 employees. The heart of the Dairy Farm in the parallel milking facility, which contains 64 points (32 in each row). The cows are milked three times a day in groups planned according to the rate of their milking.


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