Mission, Vision & Values


To be the global leader in Cow Intelligence. SCR empowers farmers with the insights and analytics needed to optimize the productivity of every cow. We facilitate growth, drive efficiency, and deliver peace of mind.


We strive to secure dairy farming's future by monitoring every cow - enabling smarter production, more sustainable practices, and more successful farmers.


  • Leadership – As pioneers in Cow Intelligence technologies, we are thought leaders helping to advance the dairy industry.
  • Commitment – Working hand-in-hand with our customers and partners, we share their challenges, doing whatever it takes to ensure their success.
  • Expertise – 37 years' experience in catalyzing growth and success for some of the best-run dairy farms.
  • Innovation – Through our ongoing investment in cutting-edge thinking and technology, we invent and deliver solutions that create tangible value for our customers.
  • Agility – We rapidly adapt to the complex, unpredictable nature of the dairy business, supporting customers and partners through change.
  • Practicality – We are grounded in and guided by the practical needs and challenges facing the modern dairy farmer. This is our singular focus.