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1Dairy farming is undergoing massive changes: herds are getting larger; milk quality is becoming more important; and increasing the output of milk per cow, kilogram of feed, man hour, and farm is a constant priority.
As the complexity of dairy farming increases, profitable dairy farming becomes considerably more challenging.
When planning a new farm, there are multiple factors to consider, including the optimal combination of farm layout, infrastructure and technology components to maximize herd welfare and operating efficiencies. Likewise, when seeking to improve the performances of an existing farm, wide-ranging aspects of herd management and farm routines should be evaluated and optimized.

5Working with a consolidated team of experts with expertise and experience in planning and managing all aspects of dairy farming can make all the difference to your success.
Through its focus on advanced technology-based solutions for dairy farms, SCR has accumulated decades of dairy farming experience. Our team of researchers, vets, and cow and technology experts brings together vast experience in every aspect of dairy farming, from herd management to milking, feeding and general farming management.

Services for your dairy's success3

For farmers who want to optimize their performance using our technologies and solutions, SCR offers support in various aspects of dairy farming, providing a complete service and ensuring satisfaction. 




SCR partnership in GDI
(Global Dairy Institute)

SCR is one of 9 companies partnered in the GDI group. The GDI is a group of outstanding companies partnered together to provide dairy farmers and investors a "one-stop-shop" for dairy consulting and construction needs.
The GDI offers a full range of services required to create a successful modern dairy operation. The group leverages the expertise, skills and relationships of its member companies to provide the best information, education and resources to dairy farmers around the world.
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