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Xinzou Yinshanhu dairy farm Nov-29-2010 Gold Key Project Visits Xinzou Yinshanhu Farm
SCR headquarters Feb-16-2010 Israeli Minister of Agriculture Visits SCR
Norsk Landbruk 2015-06-23 10,000 Norwegian cows have Heatime
Microsoft News Center 2015-08-17 Connected cows help farms keep up with the herd
Farm Journal 2015-06-28 Dairy Technologies Dizzying Choices
Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences 2015-06-17 Choosing an Activity System for Your Dairy
Dairy Herd Management 2016-03-09 Utilizing rumination sensors in a grazing system
The Sydney Morning Herald 2016-04-17 Electronic monitoring on the farm has all the right mooves
Progressive Dairyman Canada, 2014-04-04 Rumination data can help ration formulation
Dairy Herd Management, Jan-10-2013 Listen to What the Cows Are Saying