Gold Key Project Visits Xinzou Yinshanhu Farm

China ParallelNetanya, Israel (November 29, 2010), About two-hundred participants of the Gold Key Project visited Xinzou Yinshanhu dairy farm on November 29th, 2010.

Led by Mr Li Shengli, Golden Key members were introduced to the 800 cow farm's new and advanced milking parlor and precision dairy management systems manufactured by SCR Engineers.

Since the end of November 2010, Xinzou Yinshanhu farm is enjoying enhanced efficiency and a reduction in labor due to advanced electronic cow monitoring tags, the SCR H tags, which collect activity data; a cutting-edge milking parlor which enables individually customized milking for improved udder health; and the SCR DataFlow™ herd management system which provides farmers with advanced decision-making tools and process automation.

Mr. Li Shengli, the Chief Scientist of National Dairy Technology System and a Professor at the China Agriculture University, highly praised the SCR equipment. (Please visit,24302 for more details).

The Gold Key Project is organized by the Dairy Management Office of China Agriculture Ministry, National Dairy Industry Technology System and China Dairy Association with a mission to help transform milk production in China to secure an efficient and sustainable process, and upgrade China's dairy industry.

Gold Key Project members are lectured on a wide range of topics such as national regulations in dairy industry, government preferential policy, husbandry technologies and cow management, disease prevention and control for large-scale farms and key technologies for milk quality control.

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