SCR Announces Opening of its European Headquarters in Italy

Piacenza, Italy (Sep 04th, 2012)—SCR Engineers Ltd. ("SCR") announced the opening of a new subsidiary, SCR Europe, as its European headquarters, to further strengthen SCR's global presence. The headquarters of SCR Europe will be based in Piacenza, Italy.

SCR, a world leader in individual cow monitoring systems, is expanding its European activities by joining forces with its largest European distributor, MILKLINE srl., who developed extensive Heatime® distribution relationships throughout Europe.SCR Europe will market individual cow monitoring and standalone Heatime systems in order to bring dairy farmers the latest solutions in reproduction, health monitoring and herd management. The opening of a European-based subsidery demonstrates SCR's ongoing commitment to support European dairy producers.

Speaking about the European activity expansion, Yariv Avisar, SCR's Chief Executive Officer, said, "European dairies represent some of the most progressive operations worldwide, and now we are able to more closely engage with them to provide better solutions and services, by dedicating more resources to these dairy producers. MILKLINE has had great success in establishing the SCR standalone heat (estrus) detection system, Heatime, as the industry standard in mainland Europe, resulting in thousands of satisfied customers. Their resulting expertise will enable the development of next generation cow monitoring and health management solutions."

SCR Europe will be managed by Dr. Matteo Ratti, previously Vice President, Marketing and Sales of MILKLINE. Owned by Dr. Daniele Ratti, President, MILKLINE has been working together with SCR for over 30 years, turning into a strategic partner and distributor in many European countries. The new subsidiary will focus on individual cow monitoring and standalone Heatime systems, while MILKLINE will continue to independently develop and market branded milking equipment and solutions, as it has done successfully until now. In addition, MILKLINE will continue to promote and integrate SCR technologies for herd management and milking automation, with advanced solutions such as the Dataflow software and the MILKLINE unique Milpro P4C technology.

"MILKLINE is excited about the opportunity to expand the partnership," commented Dr. Daniele Ratti. "We will continue to provide our customers with excellent dairy solutions, while the new subsidiary is looking to provide advanced cow monitoring solutions for the European farmers. I am confident that this natural partnership with SCR will provide our customers with even more options to choose from, and make for a winning combination."

About SCR

SCR is a leading developer of advanced technologies for dairy farms and a driving force for progress in the industry. SCR provides dairy producers with revolutionary cow monitoring solutions to manage individual cows, regardless of herd size. Technologies include heat detection and rumination monitoring systems, which utilize unique collar tags and health management system. Over 1.5 million cows in more than 15,000 farms worldwide are monitored using SCR's collar tags while their technology touches over 12 million cows worldwide, making SCR the global leader in advanced solutions for cow monitoring.

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About Milkline

Milkline is a company leader in milking components and complete milking solutions in many countries, from Europe to Japan. Choosing always the most advanced available technologies, Milkline provide its farmer with cost/effective solutions that improve the quality of the milk, taking care of the cow management and the cow welfare. Example is the latest patented milking technology known as Milpro P4C: an unique solution for the mastitis detection and the control of the milking process per "single quarter" applicable as well in traditional milking parlors.

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