SCR opens UK subsidiary to market standalone SCR Heatime® solutions

Netanya, Israel (May 5th, 2014) — SCR Engineers Ltd. today announced the opening of a new subsidiary, SCR UK, as part of its ongoing drive to strengthen its global presence and forge closer relationships with customers. The new subsidiary will focus on promoting SCR Heatime® cow activity and rumination monitoring solutions for health and reproduction management.

Over the past few years, working through Fabdec as its local distribution partner, SCR has gained a strong foothold in UK and Ireland. With more than 2,500 Heatime systems installed at dairy farms and over 400,000 cows using the wearable monitoring technology in UK and Ireland, the Heatime® brand is now synonymous with excellence in cow heat detection and health monitoring. The UK and Ireland adoption of SCR Cow Intelligence technology is in line with the global trend. Worldwide, over 3 million cows on tens of thousands of farms are monitored by SCR's wearable collar sensors.

SCR UK will continue to work closely with Fabdec, as well as with other partners in the region, including Semex UK and others, to further expand the SCR user base across the region, and provide first-rate service to farmers.

"UK and Ireland are key strategic markets for SCR and the time is now right for SCR to expand its presence there," said Yariv Avisar, SCR's CEO. "We have a strong foundation on which SCR and our partners will continue to build and we look forward to jointly continuing to bring the advantages of SCR solutions to more farmers across the UK and Ireland."