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SCR partners with Nestlé to establish a state-of-the-art Dairy Farming Institute in China

Netanya, Israel (October 15th , 2014) — SCR Engineers Ltd today announced that it is collaborating with the world’s largest and leading nutrition, health and wellness company Nestlé in a major, innovative project in China − the Nestlé Dairy Farming Institute (DFI). Established in order to support  the rapid development of a state-of-the-art dairy farming industry in China, the institute will serve the entire Chinese dairy industry and will teach dairy professionals and other students about all aspects of modern dairy farming − thus helping Chinese dairy farmers secure a viable future. SCR was chosen by Nestlé to lead the cow monitoring and welfare aspects of the DFI, reflecting SCR’s strengths as the world-leading pioneer of Cow and Milking Intelligence and its proven experience in large-scale Chinese dairy farms. The DFI was officially opened today, October 15th.

The DFI, located in the Heilongjiang Province of China, extends over an area of 600,000 square meters (60 hectares). The DFI is based on a cleverly-devised business model that includes different sized working farms to enable farmers to gradually grow their farms in a planned manner, and an academic center with classrooms and laboratories. SCR will monitor every individual cow involved in the project and will manage all cow monitoring-related data to provide farmers with real-life exposure to advanced health and heat detection management concepts and workflows. In additional, SCR will provide training and courses in farm management using SCR monitoring solutions.

Yariv Avisar, SCR’s CEO, congratulated Nestlé on this large-scale project and added: “We are very pleased to be cooperating with Nestlé and our other partners to improve Chinese dairy industry standards by standardizing procedures, training professionals and improving milk quality and production. We are certain that SCR’s best-in-class cow monitoring solution will contribute greatly to achieving these goals.”